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Badminton Horse Trials

5th July 2010, 16:33

The Badminton Horse Trials is a three-day event, one of only six annual Four Star events as classified by the FEI, which takes place in April or May each year in t... more

Equine Gait: Walk, Trot, Canter and Gallop

17th April 2010, 16:45

Gaits are the different ways in which horses move. This article will explain the basics of the main equine gaits.... more

New Horses For Sale Directory

10th April 2010, 23:39

The new horses for sale section is up and running. You can now search for horses for sale using the advanced search system, or simply browse the wealth of information... more

The Rules of Good Feeding

30th November 2009, 21:20

How you feed your horse has a huge impact on performance and potential. This article will let you in on 10 top tips for good feeding that will help you to the top table... more

Equine Coat Colour Part 3: Markings

2nd November 2009, 20:20

Horses can also exhibit numerous markings, usually distinctive white areas over a darker base colour. Markings are... more

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