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EquiFind Blog

New Horses For Sale Directory

10th April 2010, 23:39

We are pleased to announce our new horses and ponies for sale directory is now open!


You can now quickly and easily search for horses for sale / loan / share using the advanced search system, or simply browse the wealth of information each listing contains. And since each listing can have full details, pictures, results and breeding information and even video; finding the right horse for you is now easier than ever.


We aim to make the site as nice to use as possible, so as well as improving the search functions and horse information, we also allow you to choose the way you view results: whether a normal view, an expanded view with large pictures, a map view or a lots-on-one-page view, we hope we have got your search preferences covered.

Futhermore you can save results and come back to them later, or save search parameters so you can recreate searches. You can now even compare horses side by side to help you choose the best one.


Finally, adding your horse is simple and fast, and can be updated anytime for free using our online system. in fact, as the section is new, for a limited time we are offering listings for just £2 per 50 days on the site. Click here to add your horse or pony.


We hope you like the new horses section,

Happy searching,



P.s. feel free to send any feedback to equifind@equifind.co.uk