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Yard Listing Hints and Tips

17th March 2009, 09:23

Adding a livery yard to EquiFind is quick and easy, and always results in a professional looking listing. Here are some tips on how to add content that really stands out and gets seen more often.


1. Add all the info you can

People like to have all the information they need available to them in one place (kind of the EquiFind idea actually), so give it to them! Include all your livery types, facilites and contact details, then add a great description which includes all the plus-points of your yard and searchers are more likely to find you, both on the site and through google.


2. It's all in the detail

Don't forget about the little things, parts of the listing which aren't always noticed by one person may be the most important thing of all to another. For example: remember to include the extra description in the travel directions, people are reassured when they know exactly how to visit. Add captions to your pictures, the extra detail may turn a 'view' into a 'call'. If you include the quick contact form regularly check your email and reply to as many as you can.


3. Everyone loves pictures

Pictures say a thousand words, so include them! In this internet age a lot of people won't visit a place they haven't seen pictures of first, others may make the choice between your yard and another based on the pictures - so very important! But don't add pictures just for the sake of it - make them good ones, ones that show off your yard in the best light and really encourage people to give you a call. As a bonus, pictures also show up on the front page of the whole site, giving people an extra chance to find you.


These are just a few tips on how to get the most out of your yard listing. Rememeber these and we're sure you'll have a very popular yard!


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