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The Events Directory

20th June 2009, 23:38

Introducing...the Competitions and Events Directory!


Wouldn't it be good if there was a place listing all the competitions and events we might wish to attend? We think the answer is yes so we built it! The new Competitions and Events directory aims to be the one place on the internet to find all the equine events you need complete with information including photos, classes, entry information and even results!


You can search by event type. For example, showjumping or eventing.

Importantly you can search by date - either for an exact day or a date range such as 'next weekend'. You can even search in the past as events can list their results too.

You can search by keywords which lets you search all the information in an event at once for the text you are looking for.

As with all the other directories on EquiFind you can also search by location. EquiFind makes it easy to find events within a certain distance from you, or within specified counties or regions.

The are a number of other things you can filter by, including affiliated/unaffiliated and junior/senior.


Each event listing can contain information on the date, duration and status of the event, a description, information on the classes available, contact and location details (with map and directions),  and details of the event centre itself.


We aim to make the Competitions and Events directory the first place on the internet to provide information to you of all the equine events going on.


Click here to visit the Competitions and Events directory