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The Yards Directory

1st March 2009, 12:23

Introducing...the Livery Yards directory!


We all know how hard it can be sometimes to find the livery yard thats just right, whether you be looking for somewhere temporary or permanent, busy or basic. Our first directory allows you to find the livery yard that is perfect for you, whatever you are looking for.


You can search by livery type. All the main types are represented including Full, Part and DIY.

You can search by facilities. Need a yard with an indoor school? No problem just select indoor school from the drop down box. There are all kinds of facilities to search for.

You can always search by yard name if you know the place you are looking for, or by keywords if you want to scan the whole lisiting for the right words or phrases.

You can also search by location. You can search for yards within a certain distance from where you are, or ones which are located in the counties you choose. It is very easy to find the yards in the location you desire.


Livery Yard listings themselves contain all the information you need. From contact information and address details to a full description and list of services offered and facilities available. On top of that yard listings offer a photo gallery and an interactive map to show their location, complete with easy-to-follow directions from where you are.


The EquiFind Livery Yard directory is the most complete source of livery yard information out there, use it to find the perfect yard for you!


Click here to go to the yards directory

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